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Posted in General, Just Bitching! on July 17, 2016 by The Blonde

I have not posted a rant on my blog since Gabi died.  I figured this was a better place rather than putting it on FB because so many people are “overly” sensitive these days.  So if any of you that are reading this get offended easily you might want to stop reading right now. Continue reading


My Blog

Posted in General, Just Bitching! on June 6, 2012 by The Blonde

It’s really nice having your own blog.  You can rant and complain about anything you want.  You can post happy things, sad things, family pictures whatever your little heart desires.  You can even bash on the President of the United States because that’s my right because you know what, I voted, so I can say whatever the hell I want and you can’t do anything about it.  So if you don’t like it, hey you know what, there is this little box in the upper right hand corner that has an “X” in it, click on the son of a bitch and close it out.  Stupid people.

So back to having my own blog.  I own it and so anytime some major douche bag like Beatrice Bunghole, yeah that’s the name the idiot used, puts some smart ass comment on any one of my posts, I can delete it.  But I chose not to on all of the ones this idiot commented on.  Cracked me up that Beatrice Bunghole is that stupid.  They were all on my political posts, go figure.

So Beatrice Bunghole, please feel free to post what ever tacky comment you want, because from here on out, no one will see them, LMFAO.

The Rain

Posted in General on April 23, 2012 by The Blonde

It was a busy morning, about 8:30, when an elderly gentleman in his 80’s arrived to have stitches removed from his thumb. He said he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at 9:00 am. I took his vital signs and had him take a seat, knowing it would be over an hour before someone would be to able to see him. I saw him looking at his watch and decided, since I was not busy with another patient, I would evaluate his wound. On exam, it was well healed, so I talked to one of the doctors, got the needed supplies to remove his sutures and redress his wound.
While taking care of his wound, I asked him if he had another doctor’s appointment this morning, as he was in such a hurry.
The gentleman told me no, that he needed to go to the nursing home to eat breakfast with his wife. I inquired as to her health. He told me that she had been there for a while and that she was a victim of Alzheimer’s disease.
As we talked, I asked if she would be upset if he was a bit late.
He replied that she no longer knew who he was, that she had not recognized him in five years now.
I was surprised, and asked him, ‘And you still go every morning, even though she doesn’t know who you are?’
He smiled as he patted my hand and said, ‘She doesn’t know me, but I still know who she is.’ I had to hold back tears as he left, I had goose bumps on my arm, and thought,
‘That is the kind of love I want in my life.’
True love is neither physical, nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be.
The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.

‘Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.’ We are all getting Older Tomorrow may be our turn.

Thanks Ron

Now THAT’S A Pizza

Posted in General on February 26, 2012 by The Blonde

The husband and I bought two cast iron pizza pans and I made our first homemade pizza last night. It was a thin crust and I put enough toppings on it for 5 pizzas,  one slice of pizza was like eating two.  I think in the cast iron pan the thing weighed in at about 10+ pounds.  I should have put it on the scales.  So the next attempt I will make a few changes to it, like not so many toppings, 🙂 .  It was a really good pizza though.  We found a pizza sauce that we really liked the first try.  I figured it would take a few different ones to find one that Mark likes, he doesn’t like a sweet sauce, but this one was just right.  I’m ready to try a pepperoni pizza now.  

Here are some before and after pictures.


Click on the picture to really get a good view, yum


Acura NSX Concept Car

Posted in General on February 1, 2012 by The Blonde

Now THAT’S a car.  This car is not yet for sale, but I bet it’s going to be spendy.   I want one………

2011 In Review

Posted in General on December 31, 2011 by The Blonde

Here are some interesting stats that WordPress has provided about my blog.  I just thought I would share them with my readers.  Thanks for a good year everyone, and please keep coming back.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 32,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 12 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Yup, Gonna Be A Bear

Posted in General on November 26, 2011 by The Blonde

Click on image for actual size

Thanks Dad Joe