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Cowboys Stadium Gets Ready To Rumble

Posted in Sports & Leisure on January 31, 2011 by The Blonde

As the Super Bowl draws near, the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington is getting prepared.  My mother-in-law lives in that area and was driving by there today and took this picture.  Just freaking awesome.  And of course the Packers Bad Boy, Clay Matthews is on the billboard, COOL.  God I would love to be there.  Thanks for sharing the picture Mom.


GB Packers Save Tax $

Posted in Sports & Leisure on January 31, 2011 by The Blonde

Everyone probably already knows all this, but I am going to post it anyways.  And I will be cheering the Packers on for obvious reasons.  Thanks for sharing Ron, and I wish your Steelers all the luck on Sunday, NOT :mrgreen:

Every red-blooded American should jump in line to support the Green Bay Packers! The Packers defeated the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon thus earning them the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl. By doing so, they saved the hard-working, red-blooded, taxpaying Americans literally several million dollars of tax money. How you say? Simple… we were told that if the Chicago Bears had won that President Obama (and probably his family) would be attending the Super Bowl to cheer on his hometown team. Since the Bears lost…the President won’t be attending. The money saved from not using Air Force 1, the limousines, all the additional security, and let’s not forget  Michelle Obama’s entourage, is literally several million dollars!  Therefore every American should cheer on the Green Bay Packers at the Super Bowl to show them our gratitude. Oh…and let’s not forget to thank Chicago Bear’s Quarterback Jay Cutler for his role in the Packer’s success! With that said…let’s circulate this to everyone we know so they can understand why they should cheer for America’s team.

World Cancer Day

Posted in From The Heart on January 30, 2011 by The Blonde

In my opinion there shouldn’t be a specific day dedicated to cancer, every day should be world cancer day.  We should pray for a cure each and every day.  My mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor and I also have an aunt that is a breast cancer survivor.  I thank God every day that they survived it.  My family is lucky they are still with us.

Sandra and Aunt Bev, thank you for being strong and fighting this battle.  We are very glad that we have you in our lives.

Goin Back To Work

Posted in General, WORK WORK WORK on January 29, 2011 by The Blonde

Well, for all of you that don’t know……I GOT A JOB :mrgreen:

I have not worked in a LONG time and I’m finally going back to work.  Just so happens it’s gonna be working with some of my old friends that I used to work with.  I’m very  familiar with this company also, so that helps.  I won’t have that uncomfortable feeling of starting a new job and working with new people.  It’s electronics manufacturing and I worked for 11 years doing it before and loved it.  Bad thing about it is, it’s 10 hour days 5 days a week and 8 on Saturday.  So I am going from one extreme to the other, 58 hour weeks, HOLY COW.  But I am so excited I can’t wait to start.

So as of February 1st, you might not see many new posts from me, at least until I get back into the swing of things.

And People Think Blondes Are Stupid

Posted in Stupid Shit on January 29, 2011 by The Blonde

Ok, these are Mexicans, or I should say they are of the Hispanic heritage, but I swear to God that’s got to be some kind of redneck invention.  LMFAO!!!  :mrgreen:

Thanks Ron

Taser Spokesperson

Posted in Now That's Some Funny Shit, Stupid Shit on January 28, 2011 by The Blonde

Only two words needed on this post…….DUMB & SHIT (I could think of another word but it wouldn’t be very nice)

Thanks Ron

Niagara Falls 101 Years Ago

Posted in General on January 27, 2011 by The Blonde

Most of you have probably already seen these pictures, but I think they are fascinating and wanted to share them again.

Margaret writes:
Her mother had a cousin living in Niagara Falls that year. She told the family that she and her neighbors woke up in the night feeling something was wrong. It took a while but they finally realized that it was the lack of noise. They had all become so used to the roar of the falls that the silence was unusual enough to alert their senses. Of course at that time nearly all the houses were near the Falls. Amazing pictures! Almost 100 years old. Can you imagine walking on Niagara falls?

1911 Photos of Niagara Falls ….

Click on image for actual size


Thanks Dad Joe