Tragedy On The Home Front

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This is a revision to the original post.

With the permission from the family I have inserted a picture of Riley “Roo” Russell’s pickup that he was driving when he got into the accident.  The dark colored pickup is the one that Riley was driving.  This kid is so lucky to be alive.  Someone upstairs was looking out for him.


The small community of Alsea Oregon is a close knit community. It’s one of those communities that stick together and there are no unknown faces. On August 2nd around 6 P.M., tragedy stuck this small community and left them with pain, heartbreak, fear and struggling with how to cope with it. Seventeen year old Riley Russell was on his way to his girlfriend’s house when he was struck head on by another vehicle. The women’s vehicle crossed into his lane and has left him in very serious condition.  She was pronounced dead at the scene.

This is the most recent update, 8/3: He went into surgery this morning to fix his bladder and right now they are putting screws and plates in his pelvis. He has two broken legs, a broken ankle, a broken rib and his jaw is broken in multiple places. They said that they will probably have to take out a lot of his teeth and he will have to be on a feeding tube for about six weeks before he can even start to eat soft food again. And of course he’s all cut up from the glass.

Riley is senior in high school this year and he’s a star basketball player and more than likely will not be able to play. He has been working all summer to put a new engine and new tires on his truck, which is now not even recognizable.

Riley is very lucky to be alive. He will need much medical attention, which will be very expensive. If you can donate even $1 to this fundraiser it would be greatly appreciated by him, his family and friends. If not, that’s OK, share the fundraiser. Maybe one of our other friends on Facebook can. If you can’t donate, send some prayers. This family needs it right now

Do you ask how I know this young man? I don’t. He is a very close family friend of my friend, J.O. Her oldest daughter and Riley grew up together. I know there are still a lot of good people in this world. Stop thinking about politics for just a bit and share this post. Now is the time to pull together and show support for this family.

So please, donate, share and pray.



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I have not posted a rant on my blog since Gabi died.  I figured this was a better place rather than putting it on FB because so many people are “overly” sensitive these days.  So if any of you that are reading this get offended easily you might want to stop reading right now. Continue reading

Good Point!!!

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The Pledge

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The government is going to take our 2nd amendment away from us and when he does he will be starting another “Civil War”, which is what he wants anyways. People that voted Obama back into office just don’t realize what they have done. They will soon find out. The United States of America is about to become really fucked up, yeah worse than what it was before O’Stupid was re-elected.  Thanks all you dumb asses that voted him back into office.


Sure As Hell Isn’t Kansas Anymore….

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The Gathering Storm

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The devastation and ignorance being caused by this catastrophic occurrence will forever destroy the fiber and character of a once great nation, with little hope for correction or rebuilding at the present rate of duplicity and complacence being displayed by the American public.

My Blog

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It’s really nice having your own blog.  You can rant and complain about anything you want.  You can post happy things, sad things, family pictures whatever your little heart desires.  You can even bash on the President of the United States because that’s my right because you know what, I voted, so I can say whatever the hell I want and you can’t do anything about it.  So if you don’t like it, hey you know what, there is this little box in the upper right hand corner that has an “X” in it, click on the son of a bitch and close it out.  Stupid people.

So back to having my own blog.  I own it and so anytime some major douche bag like Beatrice Bunghole, yeah that’s the name the idiot used, puts some smart ass comment on any one of my posts, I can delete it.  But I chose not to on all of the ones this idiot commented on.  Cracked me up that Beatrice Bunghole is that stupid.  They were all on my political posts, go figure.

So Beatrice Bunghole, please feel free to post what ever tacky comment you want, because from here on out, no one will see them, LMFAO.